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June Issue of Nirali Magazine + KP's Blog

If you haven't already seen the June issue of Nirali Magazine, be sure to check it out at Also visit the site for a link to Kal Penn's weblog!

In this issue:

*Nirali's interview with rising starlet Noureen DeWulf
*Check out Robindira Unsworth's jet-set jewels
*Can South Asians succeed at activism?
*The life of TV reporter Anu Prakash
*What's behind Bollywood's hair stereotypes?
*Much more!

Nirali, which means “different” in several South Asian languages, is just that—a different kind of magazine for today’s modern South Asian American woman. Published monthly online, Nirali Magazine reflects the identity, needs and interests of South Asian American women all over North America.

Spread the word! Forward this email to friends who might be interested in Nirali. We want to hear your feedback—email us at!
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